Documents? I don't need no stinking documents!

Technically, that's correct.  No one NEEDS to do any kind of planning, disaster or otherwise.  It's just that some of us find it a little easier to navigate with some kind of plan, even a simple one, in place.  

In case you're wondering, here are some of the documents you might want to consider putting in place:

- The name of your doctor, plus a list of any medications and allergies to medicines
- Healthcare Power of Attorney
- Durable Power of Attorney
- Financial information, including bank accounts, insurance policies, investments, etc.
- Important Contacts
- Living Will
- Will or Trust documents

That's not a complete list, but it's directionally correct.  With that information, if a sudden accident or illness takes you out of the game, there are no financial time outs.  Bills and premiums need to be paid.  Money needs to move in and out of bank accounts.  Insurance claims have to be filed.  

It may seem overwhelming, but if you break it down into small chunks of work, and then just get started, it won't take long to get things in place.  And trust me, your family will appreciate the effort!

Hey in case you're wondering, I'm just a guy who had to deal with a lack of planning on a personal level. If you have questions about what type of estate planning will be best for you, talk to your attorney and accountant.

There's always tomorrow. Isn't there?

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